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    Horse race - is an integral part of national festivities

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    Turkmenistan – is a historical homeland of Akhalteke breed

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    Akhalteke horse – is a symbol of the new epoch of the Turkmen state

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We will never relax our attention to our race horses, as they are our pride and glory and source of our inspiration. Born on the Turkmen land, Ahalteke horse is a symbol of a striking harmony, beauty, gracefulness and incomparable swiftness given to it by nature and developed by the labor and mind of a man.


President of Turkmenistan



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Akhalteke - our
pride and glory


The flight of Celestial
Race Horses

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

The State Association “Turkmenatlary” together with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan on April 22-26, 2015in the city of Ashgabat will hold the seven International Conference «Turkmen horses and the art of world horse breeding» and Third International Exhibition devoted to celebration of the Day of Turkmen Horse. It is also planned to hold annual meeting of International Association of Akhalteke Horses.

Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan announces the international tender

Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan announces the international tender for the position of Rector of the International University of the Humanities and Development

International Akhal Teke Horsing Association

Dear Sirs! The Commercial and industrial chamber of Turkmenistan testifies the respect and has honor to invite you to take part in work of the second International exhibition-fair devoted to a holiday of a Turkmen racer which will take place in Ashgabat city during the period from April, 24 till April, 25th, 2014.

Another Agreement on the TAPI gas pipeline construction project is signed in Ashgabat

Today in the framework of the International Oil and Gas Forum ongoing in the Turkmen capital, a Service Agreement on the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline was signed with the Transaction Advisor between the “Turkmengas” State Concern, the Afghanistan Gas Corporation, the “Interstate gas systems (Private) Limited” (Pakistan), “Gail (India) Limited” (India) and the Asian Development Bank.

Ashgabad is Inviting to Visit the International Equestrian Exhibition

On April 26-27th, 2013 Ashgabat will for the first time host an International Exhibition devoted to the Day of the Turkmen Horse. The event is organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan and the State Association «Turkmenatylary».